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Press Conferences

We can provide all the necessary equipment with an experienced sound technician.

Improve the look of the your event with LED lighting and a pipe & drape backdrop.

We have many options to choose from, such as teleconferencing or videoconferencing with the media. These are great options if you wish to maximize your media coverage, since they allow for questions.

Virtual Press Conferences also available with live “pool” video footage sent to the media. We can bring in your speakers via Zoom, or Skype and Webcast it to your audience.  Learn more

Our broadcast quality audio and  cameras will help get your message out to the media.

Press Conference Equipment Options:

  • Lectern with Microphone

  • Table Microphones

  • Sound Mixer with EQ

  • PA System

  • Press Feed  - to patch audio to Media

  • Teleconference Unit - for media call in

  • Wireless Microphone for media questions

  • Pipe & Drape backdrop

  • Back lighting

  • Fresnel Video lighting

  • Staging / Risers

  • Zero Noise AC Generator

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